Success Stories

Susan's clients share from their hearts.

“I first met Susan at a Native American flute circle, and it was clear that she had something special about her. We connected later, and I asked her to do an Akashic records reading about some old phobias I had. Her reading went straight to the heart of the fears, and over two sessions, eliminated them. This was the first time anyone had ever had that effect on these long-standing issues.

“The next encounter we had at her Gatekeepers seminar, where she led us through a series of exercises to meet our Gatekeeper, a being who would help protect us as we did our individual spiritual work. The results were amazing! Ariel was the one who showed up, along with the Sun. Not familiar with what these beings meant, I did a little research. The archangel Ariel presides over Earth and creative forces, exactly what I was working with, having written a book about the world’s oldest rock and mineral sites and was busy sharing the story. Her companion was the Sun, which gives vital energy to those in need of assistance. Again, perfectly in line with a too-busy life of giving talks and working as a writer.

“I can recommend Susan’s work whole-heartedly. She works with a great deal of integrity and honesty. As the Native American elders say of a true shaman, ‘There’s a person who knows something.'”

L. Sue Baugh
Author, Echos of Earth

“Namaste Beloved Susan,

Thank you so much for the Energy Purifying program and Tuesday night’s healing. And I want to give gratitude for my Gatekeeper as well. The Gatekeeper been such a blessing! I used to feel everything, it would come right through and “hit” me, even a glance or a thought or projection, and it would stop me from what I was doing at the moment. That was the worst part, just feeling it. Now, there is a buffer zone! Hallelujah! Now I can sense other energies still in my outer edges, but not be taken by them! This has been just a blessing, to feel this level of freedom, to no longer feel every push and shove, and to go on being me! Thank you beloved.”

Chicago, Illinois

“Thank you so much for all of the information, guidance and love! I feel my emotions stirring as I recognize the truths you have provided. As I process your reading, I am very excited to work with this information. I feel hope, gratitude and relief. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Blossom Yoga

“I just want to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even though it’s only been a few days since the energy clearing and re-set session with you, I feel like a completely new person. It’s still surreal right now, as I am experiencing everyday life with a completely new perspective and it feels amazing! Sending you good vibes!

Oh, and remember when you said I would find my soul contract partner? I think I found her…actually a part of me knows this definitely. I’m not rushing this because I innately feel it’ll unravel the way it’s supposed to. It’s just crazy that it happened sooner than I expected.

Thank you very much for finally coming into my life, Susan!”

Tony N,
Seattle, Washington

“Susan, for now I will tell you that I got goose bumps as I read your missive. You are so in tune with a higher intelligence. More later.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“I am profoundly grateful for our last session. I’m glad I took copious notes on what you said because I’m reading them every day to really learn and practice how to move into a different place of being and operating.

Since our session I’ve decided to allow myself more to just BE and follow your words of relaxing and allowing and embodying. I really do want to operate in a different way. Also, I noticed the acne I had been getting on my face for the last two months has cleared up! This is an interesting observation!! (And a cool side effect!)

So, I wanted to give you a heads up that I’m doing very well and am taking your counsel to heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!”

M .W.
Chicago, Illinois

“Your Healthy Energy Boundaries Workshop has truly been life changing for me. Today I had an amazing conversation with my manager at work. They were acting unprofessional and instead of caving or overreacting, I was calmly able to discuss what was valid about the experience and what was inappropriate and we both walked away feeling good about what exchanged. I feel as though I have a great boundary with this individual now, as well as others in authority in my life.

“The workshop has helped me to better recognize energy boundary issues within myself and my clients and has given me additional tools with which to help empower my clients within my shamanic and reiki practices. Thank you for the wonderful workshop and for doing what you do!”

Kevin Seymour
Chicago, Illinois

“I wanted to thank you for the work that you did for me. It’s been a long journey but I think things are manifesting for me. I find myself in the most amazing and supportive work environment. I am now a part of an Alternative Health Center with 3 other women. Thanks again–I feel you helped me get here!”

Dr. Ann
Mt. Prospect, Illinois

“In November of 2012 a successful healing of the house at Willow Creek Farm was accomplished.

“The house always had an edge to it, even a threatening air at times but up to that point it was manageable. Throughout the year four gifted people from three different states told me my spirit family had visited them and warned about a very evil presence at the house that was growing stronger. In time it would present a direct threat to me. These individuals said I could drive this spirit away but not without help from my spirit family and the help of others.

“At first I didn’t take these warnings seriously but I decided to act upon them after two possessions and two physical attacks on visitors to the farm. Susan led the charge and through a combined effort of my spirit family and some friends who are gifted, the dark energy was driven from the house. Since then, returning visitors who are old friends of Willow Creek have commented upon sensing lightness in the house they hadn’t experienced before and the feeling that my spirit family is now content and at peace.”

Al Kelchner
Owner, Haunted Willow Creek Farm
One of Illinois’ most haunted private residences

“I am compelled to write to you to extend my gratitude to you for the Akashic Records reading I had with you in February. This is amazing and life changing for me.

“I know that I have more work to do to heal, but my clarity and awareness about the traumas behind my panic attacks changes everything. I now have a deeper compassion and understanding of myself. All of the pieces fit together and I am filled with gratitude and love for my soul’s difficult journey. Seeing all of this from a higher perspective of love, or the “God glasses” as you call it, changes everything.
I know I will be contacting you for another session in the future. Thank you so much!”

Kathleen Kuper
Mokena, Illinois

“Thank you for the clearing session! You helped tremendously. The depression clouds magically lifted from my husband a couple days after the clearing. He is back to his optimistic, energetic self now. Our balance is restored! He even made a remark that he accepts who I am becoming spiritually, and how I see the world, and supports me on my journey. He is my true soulmate, and now we can see each other for who we really are.”

E .N.
Chicago, Illinois

“Dearest Susan, you are truly amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible email. I am so touched that it made me happy cry. I greatly appreciate your extensive information on my Akashic Records and I really got so much out of it. Thank you thank you!! You are an earth angel for sure, dear Susan.”


“My Dearest Susan,

Thank you so very much for taking all the time out of your busy schedule and writing and sending me the Comprehensive Personal Clearing report on my son. I just sat and cried when I read all of it! It will take some time to sink in and I will read it again and again. Thank you for being such an integral part of assisting my son and for all your beautiful and giving Light here on this earth!!

“I thank you Susan from the bottom of my heart for all of this. I feel this clearing was long overdue for him and I will continue to send him the Gold and White Light you suggested. I will keep you posted, as I see or know things from him as well. Susan, I can’t believe there were all these layers and things attached. This is so scary to me that we walk this earth without an awareness or knowledge of this. What made my skin crawl was the Djinni and the 6 Demonic entities and multiple Fae’s. All I can say is THANK YOU because now I feel some sense of peace, especially knowing that it was you who took care of all of this for him coming from such a loving and good place. So Thank You Susan!!!

“I am still planning to continue my work with you as well. Thank you so much again Susan, you are truly a God given Angel here!”

Margaret  V.
Chicago, Illinois

“Thank you so much for distant energy healing. I really felt this energy yesterday night of remembering myself. I  felt how a lost piece of me returned, and I remembered that I used to feel it before but then forgot. I was happy I could feel it again. I am happy to know you reclaimed lost soul fragments! Rain of gratitude to you and all the divine beings and angels!”

Hanna K.
Chicago, Illinois

“I feel such a sense of joy and love reading whatever you write and I always feel at peace no matter what the subject. I find myself opening your emails in an elevator, or waiting for the train, or wherever I’m bustling through the city, and it’s funny because I always lose sense of my surroundings completely. I’m totally engulfed by the energy that is present through your words. It’s really amazing.”

Chicago, Illinois

“I was introduced to Susan and her wonderful work at her Gatekeeper workshop, which really resonated with me. Her way of teaching with clarity in a fun way was enjoyable and very helpful. Subsequently, I began to hire her for individual sessions.

“Susan’s work as a spiritual counselor has been very helpful for me in my spiritual growth. She has been instrumental in her guidance and spiritual understanding at a higher level, as she helps direct my attention to the bigger picture. As a Course in Miracles suggests, Susan assists me in ‘helping to see things differently.’

“In the individual healing sessions, I noticed that her voice alone, whether she is speaking or toning specific sounds, is quite healing. My physical, emotional and mental bodies simply relax, and I can feel the healing energy emanating from her voice and being. Many thanks and blessings, dear Susan!”


“Thank you very much for the amazing experience last Wednesday, and also for the chart and special offers. It was a life-changing experience and I am eternally grateful for it to you. Thank you!”

Edit Nagy
Chicago, Illinois

“I feel so blessed that Susan has chosen to share her many gifts with others. She has helped me tremendously and has a true spiritual connection accompanied by the desire to assist others on their journeys and it is evident in her readings. Thank you, Susan, for all of your help with so many facets of my spiritual path. It has brought me so much peace and my heart is filled with gratitude."


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