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Insight. Guidance. Wisdom. Empowerment.


Are you seeking Clarity and Direction?

Are you ready to transcend old pain and step into your Power?

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Do you need an infusion of Grace and Healing?

Whether you're seeking to understand your purpose in life, your best choice in a difficult decision, freedom from recurring negative patterns, relationship guidance, or even just the next right step on your path, an Intuitive Reading can provide you with the answers and healing you need.

Susan's readings typically blend several of her signature modalities, including:

“I am compelled to write to you to extend my gratitude to you for the Akashic Records reading I had with you in February. This is amazing and life changing for me.

I know that I have more work to do to heal, but my clarity and awareness about the traumas behind my panic attacks changes everything. I now have a deeper compassion and understanding of myself. All of the pieces fit together and I am filled with gratitude and love for my soul’s difficult journey. Seeing all of this from a higher perspective of love, or the 'God glasses' as you call it, changes everything.

I know I will be contacting you for another session in the future. Thank you so much!”

Kathleen Kuper
Mokena, Illinois

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Susan offers three levels of Intuitive Reading services:

A Touch of Grace

Single 55-minute Intuitive Reading

One hour devoted to gaining Divine insight, clarity, and healing around one significant personal concern.


Showers of Grace

Series of four 55-minute Intuitive Sessions

A sequence of four powerful sessions of Spirit-enriched guidance, healing, and mentoring to achieve deep, lasting transformation in one or more life areas.

Standard Price: $700
$599 single payment


Two payments of $315

Total Graceflow Immersion

Series of six 55-minute Intuitive Sessions + two Energy Clearings
AND 3 months of Graceflow Me!

An intensive series of six Intuitive Sessions supercharged by two Energy Clearings and the continuous infusion of Grace, to catalyze profound and comprehensive personal evolution. These three months will open the way to a genuine spiritual rebirth and an unprecedented level of success and fulfillment.

Standard Price: $1,765
$1,395 single payment


Three payments of $485

Would a clearing be even better for you?
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PLEASE NOTE: The services presented here are not to be construed as medical advice. While Susan Sinclair is a certified Usui and Imara Reiki Master, and has formal training in sound healing and energy healing, she does not hold medical or chiropractic degrees, nor is she a licensed health-care provider. As with any alternative healing treatments, if you have a health problem, are on medication, are pregnant, or are nursing a baby, it is strongly advised that you seek the advice of a health care professional before engaging in these services. These procedures are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease. By entering into an agreement to have a reading or healing or clearing session, you hereby agree to assume and accept full responsibility for any and all risks associated with any reliance upon any of the alternative healing methods discussed here.

Akashic Record Reading

Your personal Akashic Record contains your entire soul's journey—memories, experiences, and actions from ALL your lifetimes.

In the Records, all time—past, present, and future—is NOW, accessible for guidance and healing. By accessing your Records, you gain powerful insights about your soul's history and purpose along with your unique gifts and lessons for this life, and profound, loving wisdom to guide your future choices.

In your Akashic Record Reading, you'll discover amazing stories of your past lives, and how they are influencing you now—for better or worse. Channeled messages from your Guides and Teachers will identify underlying causes for health, relationship and personal issues.

Pain-creating choices can be reconsidered, and your "script" for your current lifetime can be rewritten to open new paths of happiness and fulfillment, under the guidance of your personal Masters and Teachers.

As you are guided through your Record Reading, you can heal and release past-life traumas, "reset" yourself for greater joy and success, and tap into the foreknowledge of probable events to choose your Divine path that will fully express your true essence—your Soul.

Soul Print Reading

In this potent session, Susan will tune in to the unique energies of your personal SoulPrint to:

  • Answer up to 5 questions about your Soul Realm and qualities
  • Clear one type of hidden energy interference that's been blocking your success
  • Guide you to specific strategies to master one of your unique challenges in life
  • Open new pathways to spiritual and practical support—opportunities, people, and helpful spirit allies