Would you love to have more ease, abundance, and well-being flowing into your life every day?

Have you felt stuck in recurring patterns relating to struggle, overwhelming needs, overgiving to others, or other types of hardship?

Imagine how your life could change by receiving daily energy cleansing, healing, and realignment,  a constant FLOW of Spirit-enriched, personalized energy transmissions for you, for your home, and for your entire family—including your pets!

This life-transforming distant healing work will help clear and balance your chakras and energy fields to assist the body and mind to heal itself. The energy of Graceflow is intelligent and will work with you individually, going exactly where you most need it, moment by moment.

The healing energy works on many levels—mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual—to clear out energy blockages, restore Divine energy flow, and open your intuitive gifts so that you can realize your highest potential. It gently returns you to your natural state of Grace, and brings more love and ease to all your relationships.

"With each healing I find more good flowing into my life, whether that be people, opportunities, or my own self-growth. I love receiving the energies.”

— Nicolette

Chicago, Illinois

Graceflow Me!  includes a Home Energy Harmonization for your living environment. This can help to clear negative energies and entities from your home and property, and gently, consistently work to create safe, clean energetic space to nurture you and your family.

With Graceflow Me!, your home is a true sanctuary.

(Please note: if you are experiencing significant disturbances or spiritual interference in your home environment, best results will come from receiving a Home and Property Clearing FIRST.

Learn more here and purchase this service in combination with the support of Graceflow Me! )

Throughout the month, Graceflow energies will be quietly working to Clear limiting beliefs/expectations, stories, traumas, energy, blocks, etc. And Spirit will be making energetic adjustments—what Susan calls Tele-Tuning—to re-tune and realign your energy system to accept the inflow of prosperity and GOOD, so you can make delightful progress to manifest well-being in finances, relationships, and other desires for your life.

The energy streams of Graceflow Me!  are the result of an energetic download and upgrade Susan experienced two years ago. These particular streams of healing energy are like honey in color and consistency, and they are a form of Divine Grace that is like spiritual "Mother's Milk."

This rich Golden Grace energy comes straight from Divine Source, blended just for you and your household to replenish your depleted inner reserves with the energy nutrients you most need to move forward with vitality and deep support.

Gently cleansing, profoundly healing, deeply restorative, and so comforting that many people spontaneously exclaim how GOOD this feels as they tune into it—Graceflow simply consumes resistance and "stuck" beliefs or traumas, while leaving behind the nurturing energy to restore, reharmonize, and revitalize your chakras and auric fields.

Graceflow Me!  is also enriched with the energy Susan has named GaiaGrace—an emerald green that holds the most potent and empowering of the ancient energies stored in our beloved Earth Mother. Blending with the futuristic Golden Grace and other vibrant frequencies brought through for you personally by Spirit, this creates a true wellspring of healing for all levels and dimensions of your being.

You'll feel nurtured, stronger, more stable, and at ease as the Graceflow Me!  energies nurture you and your household—able to manifest your heart's true desires and meet all incoming energies and situations with true Divine Grace!

"I usually feel unclear and ungrounded when there's a big astrological event like an eclipse, even when I do my best to bolster my energy.

After our Golden Grace Healing Session, I sailed through the January huge Super Blue Blood Moon with ease and clarity, doing great readings for clients and feeling fine! Right after our session, it felt like all my chakras were humming in a beautiful chorus!"

— D.P.

Seattle, Washington

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Program Details

When you purchase the Graceflow Me!  program, you and your home will begin receiving energy right away! And to keep the energy flowing continually, your subscription will renew automatically, so you receive Graceflow and Tele-Tuning energy fresh each month.

This is highly recommended, since with the very volatile energy currents working both to create upgrades and resist upgrades on the planet at this time, your system will need regular re-tuning to hold and magnify your own personal harmonic of manifesting and evolution!

Please note that all children under 16 and pets can be automatically included as receivers; household members over 16 should give individual consent before purchase OR be allowed to “not receive.”

If an individual is "not receiving," the energy simply flows AROUND, not INTO, him/her. Susan finds that, on the soul level, many "non-receivers"do allow some of this ambient healing energy to do some deep inner work for them, and over time, they may actually decide to give consent and actively receive along with you!

You will have complete freedom to manage your receiving of Graceflow Me!, since the subscription can be cancelled or reinstated at any time.

"This felt SO GOOD! And my guides told me it would adapt to what I needed in days to come, especially after we set up the Grace Buffer around my fields."

— S.S.

Duwamish, Washington

Graceflow Me!

A continuous infusion of Divine Blessing and cleansing energy for your entire household.

A monthly subscription plan to activate the flow of Grace into your life: deeply restorative, cleansing, nurturing, and uplifting energy to support you and your household with abundance, good fortune, and harmony.

$55 per month
Renews automatically

PLEASE NOTE: The services presented here are not to be construed as medical advice. While Susan Sinclair is a certified Usui and Imara Reiki Master, and has formal training in sound healing and energy healing, she does not hold medical or chiropractic degrees, nor is she a licensed health-care provider. As with any alternative healing treatments, if you have a health problem, are on medication, are pregnant, or are nursing a baby, it is strongly advised that you seek the advice of a health care professional before engaging in these services. These procedures are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease. By entering into an agreement to have a reading or healing or clearing session, you hereby agree to assume and accept full responsibility for any and all risks associated with any reliance upon any of the alternative healing methods discussed here.