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My Journey My Journal

Meet the Authors Interview

#1 International Best Seller My Journey My Journal  is an incredible wellspring for readers looking for daily support and encouragement to achieve business and personal success in today’s unpredictable world.

Susan Sinclair was one of the 215 authors chosen by Viki Winterton to share inspiration and insight in this uplifting compilation.

In the recording below, Winterton asks each author to reflect on the story behind their contribution. (In Susan's case, this was literally Divine inspiration!)

Susan's interview begins at 35:50.

Listen to the recording here.

My Journey My Journal  is available for purchase on

The Dr. Pat Show

SoulPrint Interview with Dr. Pat

Dr. Pat Baccili (host of The Doctor Pat Show) interviews Susan on her signature SoulPrint teachings.

Listen to the recording here.

Transformation Talk Radio

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Interview with Vicki Todd

Vicki Todd interviews Susan on another of her signature topics, the Radiant Dark.

Listen to the recording here.

So You Think You're Awake

Podcast Interview with Michael Sheridan

On this episode of So You Think You're Awake, host Michael Sheridan interviews Susan about the healing properties of tibetan bowls and other forms of sound therapy.

Susan's interview begins at 32:45.

Listen to the recording here.

The Style Soul Podcast

Interview with Barbara Culkin

Style Soul Podcast Episode 74: Thrive to Awaken Your Authentic Self with Susan Sinclair.

Host Barbara Culkin interviews Susan on mastering your inner Feng Shui to complement the traditional practice for your home.

Listen to the recording here.

The Paranormal MD

Interview with Mary Marshall

On this episode of The Paranormal MD, Susan shares her insights on making peace with the paranormal and leads listeners through an aura-cleansing meditation.

Listen to the recording here.