From Susan: My Story

Susan Sinclair, founder of Graceflow Healing Arts
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Like many of the Amazing Souls I work with, I was born highly intuitive and sensitive, but “squashed” those gifts early in life because of criticism and disapproval.

I switched to “left brain” mode and pursued intense academic study, graduating summa cum laude with two B.A. degrees and later, a Master’s Degree. Though inwardly I longed for genuine mystical connection with divinity, I ended up feeling stuck in both academic and religious orthodoxy (aka,“orthoBOXy”).

Fortunately, Spirit wouldn’t let me stay orthoboxed! All through my decades of diverse professional, academic and religious service, I leaned toward the mystical and had several profound experiences that I couldn’t deny, but couldn’t fully accept, either.

Finally, in 2011, Spirit got through when I decided to learn Reiki to heal a friend. Instead of a near-death experience, I had a near-birth experience in my first attunements, and found my world turned upside-down as my psychic switches were all “flipped back on”!

After that profound spiritual awakening, I left the conventional workplace to pursue rigorous training in energy healing and the intuitive arts. I am a certified Usui and Imara Reiki Master as well as an ordained interfaith minister. I’ve completed a year-long comprehensive Apprenticeship Program with master energy healer Cyndi Dale, intensive studies in Sound Healing with Jonathan Goldman, and specialized coursework with Linda Howe in reading the Akashic Records, along with certification in the hands-on healing work of The BARS®.

In addition to these official credentials, I’ve continued to study with an array of other masters of energy healing and intuitive guidance, to further evolve my own unique techniques of SoulPrint reading and SourcePoint energy clearing.

My Work Today

In my personalized sessions, Spirit “gets real” for my clients by clearing and transforming entrenched negative patterns in circumstances, work, and relationships.

This happens through what I call Graceflow: the healing energy streams of Divine Love and Divine Power that restore the soul to its rightful sovereignty and literally re-calibrate the physical and subtle energy systems to align with the soul’s true Divine Essence.

As my clients reclaim their sovereignty in areas where they’ve been disempowered, the changes are often dramatic—relationships rebalanced, new jobs or better housing opening up, mental and physical well-being improved. I’m delighted that my clients have so many success stories of how our work has created profound yet practical and measurable improvements in their daily lives.

Through my live events, radio and podcast guest interviews, and private client sessions, I am honored to bring Spirit’s gifts of healing and transformation to Amazing Souls worldwide.

I invite you to join this tribe of Sovereign Souls and discover the joy of life in Graceflow!